Loving Motherhood
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Loving Motherhood

It is so easy to complain about being a mother; not enough sleep, whiny kids and no time to yourself. But today I am not going to do that. Inspired by Mama Kat’s Writers Workshop this week, here are the things that make me love being a mother.

  • Snuggle time – The time right after my kids wake up from either the night or nap and are warm and snuggly. It just melts my heart to hold them until they wake up and wiggle away.
  • Comfort me – When my child looks at me with tears in their eyes with a look that says you are the only one in the world that can make their hurt go away.
  • Look of wonder – I love to watch their faces when they see something new for the first time; that look of wonder at the unknown and then the joy of the discovery.
  • I understand – There is something amazing about watching my children connect the dots in their mind and figure something out. I can see it in their eyes.
  • Reaching for a hand – Even Jack will still reach out to hold my hand as we are walking along. It reminds me that even though he is getting older he still needs me.
  • Look at what I found – I have been shown so many surprises. Worms, robots built from Legos, sticks or leaves. These are life’s real treasures.
  • Family movie night – We have so many things that pull us in different directions so we make it a point to have regular quiet family time. The boys love movie night, complete with special popcorn.

What are the things you love about being a parent?

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  1. All winners! I was nodding my head with each one. I grew up in Central Florida going to Disney World a lot. But nothing prepared me for the joy of seeing it through my children’s eyes….and the snuggling. That is the best. Great list.

  2. I really like you list! My 13 year-old daughter will still reach for my hand every once in awhile. I LOVE that. Plus, I still want to cuddle with her. Cuddling is a rare treat now, but still wonderful.

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