Love Stories
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Love Stories

As anyone who knows me will say I am a sucker for a good love story, especially romantic comedies. Since the theme for this week’s Monday Listicles is love I figured I would share. So grab your favorite romantic comedy and curl up with someone you love this Valentine’s Day and enjoy.

1. Up – While technically this isn’t a rom-com, it has one of the most beautifully told love stories put on film.

2. Notting Hill – My favorite love story line comes from this clip. “I’m just a girl standing in front of a boy asking him to love her.” Plus I love the montage at the end of the movie.

3. Love Actually – So many love stories all in one movie, they are so wonderfully woven together into one of the best holiday movies ever.

4. Pretty Woman – How can you get a better one than this? I was in high school and probably saw this movie in the theater five times.

5. Sliding Doors – Another movie on the fringe of being a rom-com, but there is a strong fate element that runs through this favorite. Doesn’t fate always lead to love in the movies?

6. The Wedding Date – You gotta love a wedding and an insanely hot guy. Yum!

7. You’ve Got Mail – A classic about how life will lead you to love if you give it a chance.

8. Sweet Home Alabama – With Reese and more hot guys, I can watch this one anytime.

9. Can’t Buy Me Love – My sister and I used to watch this one over and over again. The last scene on the lawn mower takes the cake for final scenes.

10. Sabrina – I am reminded of how much I love Paris and how much I grew up on my short visit there. Plus it has Harrison Ford and he was on my laminated list, until he got bumped for a Ryan.

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  1. Watched all the movies! Thanks for posting!

  2. I haven’t seen The Wedding Date yet – just by that look on their two faces, I MUST SEE IT!
    Love Actually is one of the all-time bestest most romantic movies ever – I think it’s popped up in 3 listicles this week, that’s how good it is!
    Great listicle. (-:

  3. Great list! Some of these I’ve seen and love, but there are some I haven’t and want to. Love your idea for the list!

  4. I watched ‘can’t buy me love’ over and over too! I thought he was adorable and would date him back then! Was I right or was I right? He turned out to be McDreamy now…
    You know I cried the first 15 minutes of Up and agree with you. It is the loveliest Love story told ever!

  5. Love Actually is, not surprisingly, is one of my favorites and the one of have watched the most. It is a brilliantly woven love story.

  6. I LOVE the ending of Sweet Home Alabama. Its one of my all time favorites 🙂

    1. Have you ever watch the alternate ends on the DVD?

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