Since I Don’t Clean
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Since I Don’t Clean

I hate to clean and am more than happy to support the cleaning industry and those that make products like the Roomba (or Roomberto, as we call him). A robot that vacuums? Sign me up. My sister and I grew up having to clean every Sunday — I vacuumed and she cleaned the bathrooms. I have done enough cleaning in my life to justify a little help from the aforementioned Roomberto and our cleaning service. This week’s Monday Listicles is about what you would rather do than clean your house. Since I don’t have to clean much I thought I would write about what I do with the valuable time found that otherwise would be lost to cleaning. What would be on your list?

1. Cook – Even though I don’t mind cooking, even it sometimes becomes a chore. I make three meals a day most days for between 2-4 people. That can add up to hours a day.
2. Write – During Will’s nap time I get most of my writing/researching done. If I had to clean too, I wouldn’t get much done and my posts would take on an entirely different tone.
3. Going to the gym – Three to four mornings a week I go to the gym right after the bus stop. Scratch that off the list too if I spent more time cleaning.
4. Watch or attend sporting events – Since we would have to do some cleaning on the weekends, it would make it hard to go to watch the games. That would be a big bummer since I love sports and Jim would be forever bitter if vacuuming got in the way of Husky football.
5. Play Skylanders with Jack – He got the Skylanders adventure game for Xbox for his birthday. We play it for about 30 minutes in the evening if he has completed his homework and there is time before bed. I think I like it as much as he does.
6. Watch silly TV with Jim – After the kids go to bed we get to veg on the couch and watch mindless TV and laugh at stupid people doing stupid things.
7. Laugh at the boys – Some evenings after dinner before bed we just sit and watch the crazies while they run, jump and chase each other – our own reality show.
8. Sit outside and watch the world go by – Once the weather starts to get anywhere close to being tolerable, we head outside to our front patio, fire up the chiminia and watch the world go by.
9. Daydream about where we will go in our new trailer – I leave most of this to Jim, but it is fun to participate too.
10. Go on dates – So far this year we are holding to my goal of a date night a month. Two months, two dates.

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  1. You know #8 is my favorite thing to do on my own EVER! But a date sounds great too. Cannot wait to read about your trailer adventures.

  2. I’d probably rather clean than cook. I hate cooking!! I need a date night out before I go crazy. Great list!!

  3. Ah my husband and I watch all our “shows” after the kid goes to bed. Needless to say we are pretty far behind but oh well!

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