Mid-winter Break
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Mid-winter Break

Last week we spent Jack’s mid-winter break in California with all the family down there. The weather was anything but winter as a few days topped 70 degrees and not a drop of rain.

This is a school break that I don’t quite understand. Although it is nice to have the time to go on ski trips, it would be nicer to have just a long weekend (like have Thursday, Friday and Monday off) and then get out earlier in June. Compounding the already long school year is an added week of snow days in January so now we are in school until June 20th. But that is another post.

The boys had fun playing outside, riding bikes and shooting hoops. We even got a nice visit from Grandma, Grandfather and Auntie Jean who drove over from the Bay Area for the day. It was nice to soak up some vitamin D with all the sunshine, even though the vineyards need rain.

It was so cute to watch Jack with Baby Finn. He loves to sit and talk to him and make him smile. Finley is trying so hard to laugh, but it just comes out as a squeak. Jack thinks that is so funny and calls him the squeaker.

Although we all are happy to be home in our own beds and be reunited with Jim and Mulligan, we will miss everyone. The dog was so happy to see us she practically turned herself inside out when we got home. But then again, she also does that when I return home from the grocery store.

How did you spend your mid-winter break, if you got one?

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