Big News!
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Big News!

No, I am not pregnant. My big news is that I have been invited to be a contributor for a website called ShePosts. It is a site that focuses on online women’s publishing, following the trends, events and people within that space. ShePosts was purchased last year by one of my favorite bloggers, Kristen Howerton from Rage Against the Minivan, and Deb Rox. They are working hard at revamping the site and brining on additional writers, like me!

This is a different style of writing than I am used to, more journalistic. But it will be good for me to expand my writing skills and will prove useful as I write my first book about Jack’s eating challenges. This will also help me extend my reach and continue to build my network of followers.

On Monday my first post was published covering Ryan Gosling memes. Memes are social ideas that are copied by many different people, some actually going viral. In this case the memes include photos of Ryan Gosling and have funny phrases added to them. They all begin with the phrase “Hey Girl.” The crux of the story was that a new meme focusing on Ryan Gosling’s love of mom bloggers had been created.

I hope that you all will follow my work on ShePosts as well and as always, I appreciate your readership.

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  1. Caroline YaYa says:

    Congratulations – You have put a lot of thought and heart into your blogs. Hurray for you

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