Emotional Rescue
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Emotional Rescue

Recently Will has been riding an emotional rollercoaster that swings radically from mood to mood. It is almost like having a moody teenager in your house all day long. Really, already?

We are working on teaching Will how to get himself dressed in the mornings. Each morning he will come out of his room crying at least once as he is trying to get his clothes on. Even putting on his coat, which he has been able to do for months, now is a struggle each time. And don’t even get me started on having him take his coat off. “My coat not working,” is what I hear each time.

He used to make a few attempts at completing a task before he would get frustrated and ask for help. Currently, if things aren’t working out exactly as he intends, he starts to cry and gets frustrated.

Three is a hard age. He wants to do more than he has the skills to do and we are asking him to become independent with new tasks while playing catch up to his older brother. My philosophy is that I will help him as long as he is making an effort to try. If he isn’t really trying, then I am not inclined to help very much.

I don’t remember Jack going through the mood swings to this degree, but then Jack had a different disposition. Jack didn’t throw temper tantrums. I did have to be strong with Jack at times and force him to complete a task I knew he could do. That isn’t to say that he wouldn’t devolve into tears if something wasn’t working, but it wasn’t to this extent.

I remember one of our Occupational Therapists saying that kids get out of wack before they make a big developmental leap. This can affect their sleeping, eating, emotional state and motor skills. It can take a couple of weeks for things to straighten out and then you notice that all of a sudden they can do new things. I remember this happening in the past with both boys. She said that their brains and bodies get out of alignment and they get frustrated because they can’t make things work right. God knows there are days where I feel the same, and boy is it frustrating.

So I hope this is just a passing phase that he will breeze through quickly and hopefully this is not foreshadowing for the dreaded teenage years. Are you dealing with an emotional child? Any tips for those of us riding the rollercoaster?

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  1. Melissa says:

    Things go smoothly at our house then all of the sudden Zachary’s ears don’t work. Just out of the blue and it drives me nuts! Next thing is he eats TONS of stuff and never stops. And of course come the leg aches wake him at night. Of course I don’t notice the pattern when it is happening. Instead I think what the heck!!! But once the phase passes I sit back and realize it was a growing spurt just as your therapists said. Hopefully this is a growing spurt with Will and he will go back to putting on his coat without a fuss 🙂 I feel your pain though 🙂


  2. Jane Thomas says:

    Just pick your battles- each child is different.

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