The Crazies
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The Crazies

We affectionately refer to the boys as “The Crazies” when they turn into Tasmanian Devils running through the house. There have been a few times when we have closed the office door just so we could have a conversation.

You may be asking why we let them run through the house, but our climate just isn’t conducive to playing outside year round, especially after dinner. Believe me, when it is not raining and still light after dinner I happy kick them out. On weekends I even back the cars out of the garage and let them play basketball or football in there.

Like clockwork, The Crazies come out at 7 p.m. each night. I remember people talking about the witching hour for babies, where they just cry, but I didn’t think it would continue for years.

Something happens at 7 p.m. and Will decides it is time to run. It isn’t that he is overtired, because he still takes a nap. And once he starts, Jack is sure to follow. One of the favorite games are car race, where they run hunched over toy trucks or cars and do laps around the downstairs. The other favorite is Angry Bird fight, where they throw them at each other, aka dodge ball. Sometimes Daddy joins in under the illusion that he is playing with the kids, but his motivations may also involve an element of revenge for the headaches caused during the week.

Some nights I can handle the noise and chaos. Other times I just need to turn it off and go be quiet in my bedroom while Jim runs interference for a while.

Do you have some Crazies in your house? Have you found that the witching hour is still true evening with older children

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