April – Memories Captured
Jackson, Mulligan

April – Memories Captured

Last week was Jack’s spring break so we decided a trip to the beach was in order; it was spring break after all. Since our new trailer wasn’t equipped with a rudder and sails we went to the Washington and Oregon coast. The weather was beautiful for April in the Northwest, but it wasn’t exactly warm. Jack decided that he needed to help Mulligan play fetch in the waves. Even after Mulligan got tired Jack jumped through the chilly water.

I put this together for the March Memories Captured hosted by Mama Wants This and These Little Waves.


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  1. We lived in Portland OR for a short while and came kicking and screaming to FL!
    Love the light you captured there!

    This is the link to my Captured Memory btw
    since otherwise you end up on the landing page and its over on the homeschooling side 😉

  2. Such a gorgeous picture, and a wonderful memory. Thank you for linking up!

  3. Ohmygoodness that’s so very lovely and peaceful! Love!

  4. What a sweet memory. And I just adore that photo so much.

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