The Will to Read
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The Will to Read

My boys love to read books. Since they were very small they have been picking up books on their own and reading them, flipping through favorites over and over again. Jack can now actually read the books himself, so at night when we read together we take turns reading pages for Will. Most of the time Jim and I divide and conquer – I take Will and Jim takes Jack – so Will doesn’t get restless as Jack improves his reading skills.

I keep books everywhere, because I feel it is so important that children are exposed to books and other reading materials every day. Each morning I read the paper (having your kids watch you read is an equally important component of teaching good reading skills). We have books in the car and Will requests one almost every day to read when we are out running errands. Jack even keeps a book in his school backpack to read on the bus.


It can be difficult to get boys interested in reading, but if you start young and find books that are relevant to them it is easier. I have found books about cars, dinosaurs, vehicles, and sports. Jack has become really interested in nonfiction, checking out books on space, sports, bigfoot, spies and cars from the elementary school library.

Here is a list of books that are some of our favorites, ones that Jack even still loves to read.

1. Duck for President by Doreen Cronin
Jack took this as his favorite book in Kindergarten. It is a great way to introduce the democratic process to children in a humorous way.

2. The Lorax by Dr. Seuss
After reading this to Jack years ago Jim remarked that he had no idea it was about deforestation. Even in 1971 Dr. Seuss understood what was happening.

3. The Scrambled States of America by Laurie Keller
A good introduction to geography, Kansas decides he is tired of being in the middle of the country and wants to see somewhere else. So all of the states decide to swap places, a very cute story.

4. The Little House by Virginia Lee Burton
This was one of my favorites as a kid. Even though it is a bit girly with the pink house the boys still like it.

5. The Little Red Train books by Benedict Blathwayt
We were given this book when Jack was little. The illustrations are beautiful and the stories about the little red train are well written.

6. Roadwork by Sally Sutton
For boys that love big machines this one is great. It explains the process of making a road, start to finish.

7. Little Blue Truck by Alice Schertle
We have two of these and both have good messages of friendship and helping others, with cute illustrations.

8. The Diggingest Dog by Al Perkins
This is one of Jim’s favorites that the boys have grown to love too.

9. Elmer by David McKee
I was given an Elmer stuffed animal before Jack was born and had no idea that there was a book about the patchwork elephant. It is a great introduction to colors and also understanding that being different is okay.

10. Amazing Machines books by Tony Mitton & Ant Parker
This series of a dozen or so books are smartly written and have great illustrations for young kids. They cover all different machines including boats, rockets and race cars.

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  1. Great. Lots of new children’s books to investigate. Keep reading with your little guy.

  2. My son loved the Little Red train when he was a wee boy. There is always something new to spot in those pictures! he still flips them sometimes. I like what you said about our children seeing us read. Very important.

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