Mixbook – Create Beautiful Scrapbooks
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Mixbook – Create Beautiful Scrapbooks

I have a love/hate relationship with scrapbooking. I love it when I have time; it makes me feel good to create something beautiful. But I hate the guilt I feel when projects are not complete. The boys and Jim love to look at photos and right now most of them are trapped on our computer in a folder somewhere. Some people are highly-dedicated and put together beautiful annual family albums, but that is too much for me. I decided once I had completed the boy’s baby books, that the rest of the family albums and trip books would be done digitally.

A few weekends ago I was able to go on a scrapbooking weekend with some friends — pure bliss. It was organized by a friend of theirs who is a Creative Memories rep in a house designed for scrapbooking that is located about 45 minutes away. She handled all the meals and each person had a table for all their projects. We shared a bedroom, so it was part girl’s weekend and part working weekend.

My first projects were to finally complete the boy’s baby books and get Jack’s school and sports book started. I also put all of our holiday cards and letters into an album. These are the paper scrapbook projects that I will continue to do, since I still like it. Then I set out on our family album project.


For our annual family albums I decided to use Mixbook, a digital scrapbook & custom photo book website. I like the flexibility of the layouts, choices of backgrounds and stickers. You can choose any of the backgrounds or stickers from their library regardless of what theme you are using. It looked as close to a paper scrapbook as it could considering it all elements on the pages where printed. Before I left for the scrapbooking weekend I upload several years’ worth of photos into projects on Mixbook’s site.

Overall I like the Mixbook experience. Since you work on it in a browser, sometimes it can get slow and not responsive to quick clicks. Their search mechanism for finding hundreds of backgrounds and stickers could be easier. Some search terms brought up odd results, so I found myself sorting through hundreds of possibilities. I started working on the Mixbook family albums on Saturday morning and by Sunday afternoon had completed two years (two complete albums) and was three months into the third. I could feel the guilt lifting.

IMG_4905.jpg   IMG_4902.jpg

Several people were interested in how it works, so I put together a “Getting Started with Mixbook” tutorial for you. If you are at all interested in trying one, I would definitely recommend it, even for a small project like a holiday or vacation. You can make them as simple or complex as you like.

Disclaimer: I am a Mixbook affiliate, but have not been solicited by Mixbook to write this post. All of the opinions expressed here are mine. If you are interested in trying Mixbook, please use my affiliate link.

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