Cold Turkey Potty Training
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Cold Turkey Potty Training

IMG_4937.jpgSaturday morning we went cold turkey into potty training; straight into underwear (except for naptime and at night — I am not that crazy). I have been feeling the pressure to get Will potty trained by September when he will start preschool. So, armed with lots of underwear, jelly beans and prizes we jumped in with both feet.

With Jack, we did the slow-burn method. He wore pull-ups for several months and we worked at going in the potty. Then we phased in underwear once he was staying dry in the pull-ups. It felt like it took forever, but it worked for Jack. Will is a completely different kid.

The biggest difficulty we are finding is that most things don’t faze Will. He simply is not bothered by much and he doesn’t really care if he is wet or dirty. In diapers he rarely came and asked to be changed and so far we are the ones that usually notice that he is wet or dirty, even in his underwear. For these reasons, kids that are more sensitive or particular about the way they feel, etc. should present an advantage during this process, recognizing there are always exceptions.

So we jumped right in with the underwear this weekend. It seemed to be the method that most people, including our pediatrician, thought would work for Will. Boy has it been hard. Sunday morning I was ready to give up. Although he would sometimes pee when he would sit on the potty, he refused to poop. I had cleaned up mushy poop out of his underwear, and off of me, him and the toilet. We had more wet underwear than dry.

Then this morning he pooped on the potty TWICE! Sure the first time I caught him right before and practically pooped it out myself to get him to go, but he did it. Full disclosure, a half hour after the second poop he pooped in his pants again; we can’t win them all right? He is still having pee accidents too. I think for some reason he doesn’t push all the pee out each time, so he pees more frequently. I am going to try putting some cheerios or fruit loops in the toilet to make it fun to try and pee on them.

We have tried to stay at home where he can just be in underwear with no pants, but since we do have lives and I would go insane being trapped at home with nothing but excrement, we have ventured out. When we leave, I put plastic pants over his underwear, so he will still feel wet if he has an accident, but we don’t make a big mess for others or in his car seat. He tends to have the most accidents, understandably, when we are away. Hopefully that will get better over time.

I guess we are making slow and steady progress. I am trying to remember that we will have progress, then set-backs and it is all normal. For us, potty training is one of the most difficult aspects of parenting. So please send your good potty thoughts our way and if you have any advice I will gladly accept them.


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  1. How much I hate potty training! Hope it’s going smoothly!

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