Photo Friday
Photo Friday, William

Photo Friday

Photo Friday – Will’s Chin

Yesterday Will fell on the edge of a coffee table and put a 3/4″ laceration below his lip. Initially we thought his teeth had gone through his lip, but they hadn’t. The boys and I were staying with Jim’s sister and family, so she took Will and I to the Emergency Room (my first time). Will was a trooper; he only cried twice and that was due to the lidocane for the stitches. He ended up with 1 internal stitch and 5 external stitches. Since Jim wasn’t there he requested photos, so here is a series of our couple of hours in the ER.

Arriving at the ER
Will's Gash

Waiting for the doctor
Waiting patiently

Getting stitches
Getting stitches

After the stitches and a fat lip from the lidocane
5 stitches

Breakfast the next morning was an English muffin, melon and roast beef all in little pieces
Breakfast the morning after

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