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Two weeks ago the boys had their annual eye exam with Dr. Weiss at Seattle Children’s Hospital. We go each year to see Dr. Weiss as he is one of the nation’s leading authorities on nystagmus and Ocular Albinism (OA). During our visits we make sure no other issues are cropping up and track the kids’ progress. This visit was the first time Will’s vision was actually measured using the big boy eye chart.

childrensEyeChart_POPFor Will they used the beginning eye chart of black and white pictures. The tech showed him a sheet before it started and asked him to name each one to determine a base line of what he knew or what he called each one. He measure 20/70 with both eyes together. As a wiggly three year old he started to get antsy at the end and may have done better, but it is a good baseline to start with. Dr. Weiss said that typically the first time kids are measured on the big eye chart their vision measurement is usually lower than normal. Will is measuring right in the typical range for kids with OA. His visual acuity can continue to get better, so our fingers are crossed that he will.

Will continues to have his left head turn of 15-20 degrees from his nystagmus. He also has an astigmatism, which contributes to blurred vision, but can usually be corrected with glasses or contacts (I actually have an astigmatism). Right now his astigmatism blur is less than the visual blur from his OA, so we don’t need to do anything to correct it. Eventually he might use glasses in the future to help with this if his vision continues to improve and the astigmatism starts to contribute to his lower visual acuity.

Jack continues to be a very mild case of OA. So much so that Dr. Weiss has only seen a few other kids like him. He is 1% of the OA patients that has almost normal vision and good stereoscopic vision (depth perception). However his left eye does continue to have worse vision than his right. This visit he measured 20/20 in his right eye and 20/30 in his left; better than last year. Since we tried patching before and it didn’t help, Dr. Weiss wants him to do a 3-6 month trial in a pair of glasses to try to get his left eye to improve. Vision is set around the age of eight, so we have 6-9 months to make one last big try. We haven’t gotten his glasses yet, with all of our travels, but I will post a photo of him once we do. Jack doesn’t have an astigmatism, so theoretically he will not need to wear glasses in the future.

The bottom line is the boys are doing great. Will’s eyes need to continue to mature and hopefully his vision improve in the next few years. It will be interesting to see if Jack’s left eye will improve more with the glasses. And All of Us Will See.

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  1. YaYa says:

    Good news for both boys

  2. Jennifer says:

    Just came across your website, I also have two boys with ocular albinism who are the loves of my life. Thay are now 21 and 24 years old and have turned out just fine. They are compassionate and determined with their sense of humor fully intact not to mention stronger for having each other. My compliments to your resourcefulness, I was a young mother who had to piece alot of info together for myself through the years. I went on to have two more children and couldn’t be prouder of the bond we all share. Of course there were and are challenges but that’s life. Just wanted to say you’re not alone.

  3. So glad to see the solid progression with vision! Hooray for you and both boys.

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