Choosing Montessori
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Choosing Montessori

Jack making mapWe have one week of summer break left before school starts for both boys. Jack will be in 2nd grade and Will is starting preschool at the same Montessori preschool that Jack attended and will be taught by the same teacher.

People have been asking me if Will is excited for preschool and my answer is the same; he doesn’t know. On Friday we will go and meet his teacher and see his classroom, so that may help. His concept of “going to school” is getting on the school bus and going to the elementary school. He doesn’t remember dropping Jack off at preschool.

When Jack was two we started looking around at preschools with the idea of starting him at 2.5 years old because we felt he would benefit from activities away from me. Most religious or traditional preschools had a very strict age restriction of three years old. As part of the search we found a Montessori near us that would take Jack at 2.5 years old and we went to look at it.

Neither of us had been to a Montessori school before and we were immediately taken with how quiet and orderly the room was. It was a large space with a divider that separated two classrooms, each with 20 children. All of the children were working on activities either individually or as a team. Once they completed their activity they cleaned it up before moving on to the next one. No one was running around or yelling. They were orderly and calm.

Jack spent three years at this school and loved every minute of it. He started as the youngest in the class who was helped out by the older kids and then he became the leader helping younger kids in his last year. We loved that he learned to work independently and responsibly for himself. He came out of school knowing all of his letters and numbers to 20 and was starting to write. Although with a Montessori there aren’t the traditional art projects that come home or some of the holiday activities, there are a larger variety of daily activities that the kids can choose. Jack made two huge maps and got to explore subject areas he was interested in, like geography and animals of the world.

I think Montessori is going to be really good for Will. It will help him learn how to work independently, be responsible for himself and have more discipline in a group. The teachers are so patient and kind; I have confidence that they will be able to handle our determined William. It will be interesting to see what activities he gravitates to and if they are similar or different than what Jack liked.

Big steps in our house this school year. Are there big changes in your house this school year?

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