Cherish the Moments
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Cherish the Moments

Today we are going back in the archives to revisit an old post that is still very relevant today. This was originally posted September 29, 2009.

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This morning, I was watching the Today show (Hoda and Kathie Lee, not my favorite, but not much to choose from) while I was feeding Will at the gym and they were talking about happiness. One of their guests made a comment about how happy people cherish the small moments. That got me thinking about how in our busy, crazy lives we don’t notice those moments. Those moments can be as meaningful as the big planned out events.

Here are a couple of my recent cherished moments.

On Sunday mornings I change all the beds and get the laundry done. Yesterday morning we were all in our bedroom as I finished up with the beds and Jim turned on his iPod to the silly songs that Jack loves. Soon all four of us were dancing to Cotton Eyed Joe and You Dropped a Bomb on Me.

Tonight as I made dinner I looked over in the family room to see Jack and Will playing. Will was lying on the floor and Jack was dancing and singing above him to the songs that the toy plays. Will was laughing at him. (I love that little laugh.) It melted my heart.

Friday in the car on the way to Children’s the boys were laughing at each other in the back seat. I asked Jack what was funny and he said “I don’t know, Will is laughing, so I am too.”

We could learn a lot from our children and how they view the world. An empty box can become a fort or a costume. The holidays are brand new each year. Any day it may snow. A dog is a great buddy or a big pillow. Any car trip is a new adventure.

With all the things we have been through this year, I have to cherish the moments and remember them to get me through all of the tough times. Life goes by so fast and before I know it the boys will be big and not want to dance in our bedroom.

What are your recent cherished moments?

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  1. Denise says:

    So true and very well said, Sarah.

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