Photo Friday
Jackson, Photo Friday, William

Photo Friday

Photo Friday Saturday – Before and After (why Photo Friday became Photo Saturday)

husky pride

This was the planned photo for Photo Friday. In honor of “Show Your Colors” Day for Husky pride, the boys were sporting purple and gold tie dyes at the park after meeting their teachers. About an hour later…

arm in a sling

Jack and I headed to our pediatrician’s office because he fell on a railing and either hyperextended or dislocated his elbow. Luckily nothing was broken (that we can tell right now), but he was in a lot of pain. He is in a splint and sling through the weekend and as long as it is getting better next week we will not need to go to the orthopedist. A big thanks to Allison and Jenni for watching Will and Kadin for the afternoon and Allison and Dennis for supplying the much needed cocktails in the evening. Jack is in better spirits today, but he is bummed about all the things he can’t do right now, like ride his bike or play in the sprinklers.

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