Using Pinterest to Build your Brand
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Using Pinterest to Build your Brand

Most of us use Pinterest for personal use, collecting ideas we like or projects we want to do, but you can also use it to build your business brand. Pinterest can be a great way to showcase all the aspects of your business or products and connect with your followers.


Here are a few tips to help make the most of Pinterest for building your brand.

Make your profile compelling and link to your website.
This may seem basic, but how many of us see abbreviated business descriptions on Twitter and Facebook? Be sure to include a link to your brand’s website and a well thought out description of your brand.

Create pinboards for all of your content or product areas.
Whether your brand is a blog, service oriented business, or product producer, use Pinterest to highlight all the different aspects of your brand. These pinboards can show the breadth of your skills, products, or content and entice new people to become followers. These pinboards can effectively highlight reoccurring features on your blog, especially photos or projects.

Pin your visuals, photos or infographics and others’, too.
Once your pinboards are created, pin the images you use on your site on the boards. The better the content you include, the more likely people will start following you and make their way back to your site. By adding pins of other people or brand’s content to your pinboards, you are extending your reach, showing compelling content beyond your brand and not just self-promoting.

Fill your pin and pinboard descriptions with keywords.
By filling your descriptions with keywords it will make them more searchable. Using words like “cute” or “fun” might be easy, but it doesn’t allow for others to find your content easily.

Have a “follow” button on your site and “pin it” button on posts or product pages.
Just like with Facebook and Twitter follow buttons, have your Pinterest button prominently displayed on your site. By having “pin it” buttons on each of your blog posts or product pages, it allows your followers to quickly pin images, content, or products they like. Each time someone else pins your content, it links back to your site and will display for their followers to view.

Use #hashtags in your description.
Pinterest, like Twitter, supports the use of hashtags. By adding hashtags in the descriptions of your pins, it makes them easily searchable.

Add links to your content in the description of your pin.
The pinned image is supposed to be linked back to the original source of the content. However, sometimes these get broken. By adding the link in the description, it makes it easy for someone to find the source. With that said, make sure your links are short.

Hopefully these tips and a little bit of well spent time can help you build your brand using Pinterest and help you find some new followers that may not have found you before.


This post was originally published at on August 30, 2012.

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