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You know the mantra — breakfast is the most important meal of the day. What if you have a child that isn’t really ready for breakfast until 9:30 a.m.? How do you make sure they have enough nutrients to get them through a busy morning in school without it being a fight?

No matter what time Will wakes up, 7 or 8, he really isn’t ready for a big meal until around 9-9:30. He is fine eating something small and then having a snack around then. This year he is in school two mornings a week and can’t eat his snack then, so he needs a bigger breakfast. I have struggled with how to get enough into him to help him last until snack time.

Enter our power smoothie. The boys love smoothies (or as Will calls them, “S-movies”), but they were used to the sugar-filled ones that you get at Starbucks or Jamba Juice. I wanted to make one that was just sweet enough, but had more nutritional value. I made the recipe below the first morning and held my breath for a negative response, but instead I got an overwhelmingly positive response. Now these smoothies are a standard part of our weekday breakfasts.


s-movieJack & Will’s Power S-movie

1 banana
1 handful fresh or frozen berries
1 handful frozen berries or other frozen fruit (I have used peaches)
1 handful spinach, kale or other green leafy veggie (preferable one that doesn’t contribute to the taste)
2 big scoops plain Greek yogurt
1 serving protein powder (one that doesn’t have a flavor unless your kids like that)
Enough juice to make it not too thick, I usually use orange juice

Blend until smooth and serve with a bendy straw.


The Greek yogurt and protein powder give them plenty of protein. The fruit and greens provide both nutrients and fiber. The only thing with added sugar is the juice, but it makes the smoothies just sweet enough.

The boys drink these instead of milk with their waffles, pancakes or muffins. It is usually the one thing I can get Will to eat completely. He has been asking for fewer snacks since I started making them and he loves to make them. When he hears the machine, he runs downstairs and gets his stool.

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