Getting Out of My Comfort Zone

Getting Out of My Comfort Zone

meLater this week I am boarding a plane en route to my first out-of-town blogging conference. Being a naturally shy person I am a bit nervous about walking into a situation where I don’t know anyone and need to network with other bloggers and brands. This got me thinking about other times I stepped out of my comfort zone and proved to myself and others that I, in fact, can be comfortable in these situations. Here are eight of my “comfort zone” milestones:

1. Proving my high school chemistry teacher wrong. I had the opportunity to go to Europe for a month and miss the first three weeks my junior year of high school. My chemistry teacher told me there was no way I was going to pass his class, if I missed that much time. Not only did I pass, but I got the only A second semester.

2. Going to college. I went to a college where I didn’t know anyone. None of my friends or even others from my high school went there.

3. Moving to Seattle to start my life over. My aunt offered me a place to live, but I had no job and no friends when I arrived here. I found a job and made some friends, then I met Jim.

4. Asking Jim out. We met at a bar and he gave me his business card. On Monday morning I emailed him and asked him out. Truth be told, he was going to call me that morning anyway.

5. Being Jack’s advocate. The first year of Jack’s life was so hard, in and out of doctor’s offices, and many visits Children’s Hospital that eventually led to two feeding tubes and re-learning to eat. It would have been very easy to sit back during Jack’s first year of life, but together Jim and I fought for him. We had to be a strong voice for him and convince his doctors to care as much as we did.

6. Starting the blog. When Will started to have feeding problems and we got the diagnosis about his eyes, I needed an outlet. I wanted to provide a support vehicle for other families going through similar situations since that support was hard to find when we were going through it ourselves.

7. Making new friends. Since Jack was born and I stopped working, I fell into a bit of friend limbo. But since he started school I put myself out there and have found a great group of women who I am fortunate to call my friends. Friends are such an important part of your life.

8. Going to a blog conference. For the last year I have been working to make the blog into a business and generate income. Going to blog conferences can not only afford me the opportunity to learn tips and techniques, but allows me to network with brands and other bloggers – an experience that will prove invaluable and worth the step outside the comfort zone.

I am linking up with Northwest Mommy today for Monday Listacles.

FYI – Jack took the photo of me.

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  1. Paul Charkiewicz says:

    Hope you have a blast and party it up with all the other fun bloggers out there!

  2. Good for you–you are amazing! I love stepping-out-of-comfort-zone stories. Those are the proudest moments in my life too.

    It appears that you have been through the wringer with your boys’ health problems. I’m sorry to hear that. I have three boys, and the oldest was a very early preemie (24 weeks), and he had really bad reflux too.

  3. Dennis says:

    Be sure to get some genuine deep dish pizza!

  4. Glad to meet you. I feel like I have quite the snapshot of your life. Would be really interested to hear about the conference. Where is it? Ellen

    1. I went to Bloggy Boot Camp Brand edtion in Chicago. It was great.

  5. Susan says:

    Have a super wonderful time! (If I put 2 and 2 together correctly, ie. Deep Dish Pizza and Chicago) then I say Chicago is a great city, very friendly and caring people. My folks lived there for 23 years.
    Also, this is an incredible piece about comfort zone milestones! Even people who seem to be born “fearless” still have moments in life where they are wonderinf how they got there, and are pretty afraid. Thank you for writing it.

  6. How was the blogging conference?! I am so glad you jumped in on all these otherwise we would never have connected!

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