Read To Me, Please

Read To Me, Please

reading with dad

At the beginning of the school year Jim and I met with Jack’s teacher to make sure that we were doing all we could to help Jack continue to build his reading skills. Since Jim reads with Jack most nights he was looking for some practical tips on what to do. She had some great ones for us, but that is another post.

One surprising thing she said is that we should still be reading to Jack. I hadn’t really thought it was still important to do, since he is now at chapter book level. Not picture books, but good books that are well beyond their reading level. Up until now most books we were reading with him have pictures. By reading books to him without pictures it helps him learn to create the images in his own head based on the words.

After the meeting I started on the quest to figure out the right books for us (mainly Jim) to read to Jack. Eventually he would be ready for Harry Potter, but not quite yet. My friend Dana suggested Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and then after we finished it he could watch the movie (the original, not the crazy Johnny Depp version). It has been a good fit, especially since Jim doesn’t remember the story. Jack always begs for one more chapter when Jim tells him it is time for bed and he eagerly awaits the next reading.

Now I am starting to populate a list of books for them once this one is finished.

– Little House on the Prairie

– Fantastic Mr. Fox

– A Christmas Carol

– The Mouse & the Motorcycle

– The Tale of Despereaux

– Charlotte’s Web

– Beezus and Ramona

That is what I have so far, do you have anything to add?

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  1. Caroline YaYa says:

    We have the Nancy Drew series. We also have some books from Granny. They are classics like Call of the Wild, 20,000 Leagues Under the See and Treasure Island. We can bring them up when we come for Thanksgiving or you can look at them when you come down.

  2. We read to our boys almost until they were in 5-6th grades. They loved it. We could read the same book although the age span was 4years 4 months. I suggest Bill Peat books for Will right now. He does some rhyming and the stories are really fun and lots of choices. You would enjoy the stories. They have illustrations and Jack would enjoy them as well. Some are set in Medieval times, some about animals but all with a good plot and story line. Bunnicula, Stone Fox, Lion, Witch and the Wardrobe, Shilo, Charlotte’s Web- That’s for starters!

    1. Thanks for the great suggestions.

  3. Allison Yocum says:

    Jack would like Fudge and Super Fudge by Judy Blume I bet. Griffin and Quinn really liked them.

    1. Great. I will check them out.

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