Rated R for “Ridiculous”
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Rated R for “Ridiculous”

Over two years ago I wrote about this as well, but I feel compelled to do it again.

watching tvSaturday we were watching the University of Washington Huskies play the University of Colorado Buffalos on the FX television network at the crazy early morning time of 10:30am. That is just too early for college football, but that is another post. At least two times in a 30 minute span they showed a promotion for FX’s show American Horror Story. The show is gruesome and exactly what the name implies and is completely inappropriate for young children. Yet, for some reason the network felt it was appropriate to air advertisements that contained graphic scenes of people who were bleeding and maimed – all on a Saturday morning during a college football game. Can someone please explain to me how a decision like this gets approved by television executives?

This is a particular pet peeve of mine. We are very conscious of the movies and TV shows that we allow our kids to watch, figuring that sports are a safe place. However the networks continue to show inappropriate ads during “family time” viewing. Some people might say “well just change the channel or pause it until the ad is over.” But you don’t know they are coming and then it is too late.

In the past I have tried to find a contact either at the network, sports league or FCC and have been unsuccessful. It is so frustrating — what am I supposed to do as a parent? There should be criteria for the networks to follow. They have ratings for programs now; shouldn’t they be able to show only commercials with the same rating? It seems to me that during sporting events and/or before 8 p.m. they shouldn’t show ads that for movies or TV shows that is greater than PG-13 or TV equivalent.

What do you guys think?

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