Holiday Traditions – Vests
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Holiday Traditions – Vests

If your family is like mine, you have holiday traditions that were passed down from previous generations and there are others that you have created on your own.

In 2008 I started making Jack a Christmas vest from fun holiday fabric. My sister has joined in now and we make vests for all four of our boys. We have threatened to make them for our husbands, Jim and Paul too and one of these years I swear we will.

2008 2009

Steff and I have perfected the process and pattern, so they are pretty simple to put together. We have used McCall’s pattern 8337. Over the years we have modified the pattern to make them reversible which makes them even more fun. Each year we try to find fabric with different patterns, that way they don’t look the same. Jack even helped pick out the fabric this year.

2010 2011

I know there will come a time when they will not like them, but until then it is one of my favorite traditions.

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