Oh the Lights

Oh the Lights

Last week while I was very sick in bed I was thinking about our family holiday traditions. With us heading out of town and me being sick, some things fell off the list like making gingerbread houses. There are other traditions that we would never miss, even if the holidays were only a week. Like our Christmas light tour.

This tradition started for me as a child. My family would go do some shopping at the big mall in the town next to ours, then have dinner at Marie Calendar’s and finally go see the lights. There were a few big houses that did amazing light displays. Even after Steff and I were in college we would still go have dinner and see the lights every year.

Jim and I have continued this tradition with our family and this year Jack started asking last week when we were going to go see the lights. There is a street in our town where each house decorates around a theme — the Polar Express, the Grinch, Peanuts and others. We also have found a house that does the lights synchronized to music (but not Gangnam Style).

Usually we go and have dinner at the same restaurant in town and then go do our light tour. One year we decided to try to find some more neighborhoods that were listed in the Seattle Times neighborhood light tour, but we always go back to our tried and true favorites.

We too invest a lot of time in decorating our house and hope that they are a part of someone’s holiday light tour as well. We know they were for one family who left us a note one year and a local newspaper snapped a photo that ended up on the front page.

2012 Christmas Lights

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