Big Gulp
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Big Gulp

Will SmileOn Saturday I had just finished lunch and went to make a phone call, only to hear the sound of liquid and ice cubes cascading off the kitchen table onto the floor. That sound was followed by another sound from Jim in the form of “God dammit.”

As Jim and the boys were finishing lunch, Jim knocked over his large Coke that he just purchased while out getting lunch. It spilled all over the table and floor and we quickly went about cleaning up the big mess.

The boys watched us in shock since they are the ones usually doing the spilling. Jim was a bit upset as he was really looking forward to his drink.

It was then that Will very sweetly turned to Jim and said “Daddy, I am sorry you spilled your God dammit drink.”

It took everything I had to not spit my drink all over. I couldn’t stop giggling. As a part of his second grade curriculum, we have been working hard with Jack on how to use adjectives to describe words in more detail. Will has obviously been paying close attention. Hilarious.

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