Miss Manners

Miss Manners

Cub Scout saluteYesterday I followed a tweet to this post about teaching your children manners, which generated some thoughts. I believe our society has become less formal than when I grew up, and much less than when my parents grew up. I know my mom would never have considered calling any of her friend’s parents by their first name. While I called many of my parent’s friends by their first names, I dated a guy for three years and never once called his mom by her first name (that was much more about her than me).

My friends and I have debated many times the use of Mr. and Mrs. by our children and with what we are comfortable. I personally am not fond of being called Mrs. DeNike. I will jokingly say “Oh, that is my mother in law, please call me Sarah.” But it makes me feel old and uncomfortable, pretty much the opposite of what the person is trying to convey.

Our family has adopted a hybrid strategy for our children and many of our friends have implemented it too. Our kids refer to our friends and their friends’ parents as Mr. or Miss. [first name] (i.e. Miss Sarah. I feel it shows respect to the person without being overly formal, like they are with teachers at school. I am much more comfortable being called Miss Sarah, than I am Mrs. DeNike.

What do your kids call your friends? Do you like being formal or more casual?


This was also published on my Girl Power Hour blog, Mommy See.

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  1. Melissa says:

    I like either Miss Melissa or just Melissa. I HATE Mrs. Fields. I twitch each time I hear it! And if I were a teacher, I would prefer to be called Miss Melissa or Teacher Melissa. Zachary had a preschool teacher and we called her Teacher Susie and I loved it.

    When Zachary was really little he would call my friends Miss ___. But now that he is a little older I haven’t enforced it. Personally I think a child’s behavior says more than using Mr and Miss. In other words if they are kind and show respect by listening and using please and thank you, I don’t think it shows they are being disrespectful by not address my friends as Mr or Miss.

    Super cute picture of Jack by the way. So handsome in his uniform!

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