Inspiration Rocks

Inspiration Rocks

Inspiration rocks1Mornings in our house are usually hectic, loud and busy. By the time we get in the car the boys and I are upset and voices have been raised. Not my idea of starting out the morning with a positive attitude.

While we were having dinner at my friend Laura’s house I noticed a small bowl of rocks on her countertop. Upon farther inspection I found that they each had an inspirational word written on them. Laura and her boys pick a rock each morning and try to embody that word during the day. Laura has a very calm sense about her that I would love to emulate.

Now we have our own set of inspirational rocks (or jewels as Will calls them). Jack is very good at reminding us to pick them in the morning. Although this concept is a little mature for Will he is playing along. At dinner we talk about how we used our word as inspiration during the day.

I like having a positive inspirational way to start the morning. Even though I know having an inspirational word to focus on will not take away the hectic, loud and busy part, I am hoping that it will allow us to refocus on the positive aspects of ourselves and our family.

How to make your own set of inspiration rocks

1 bag of small stones from craft store – it helps to have them be the same size, but you could use ones you have collected

Sharpies or paint pens – the sharpie rubs off of the shiny stones, paint pen doesn’t

List of inspiration words – they can be religious or spiritual. We chose to just do creative, positive words like the ones here.

Inspiration rocks2

Here are the complete instructions and some sample words.


This was also published on my Girl Power Hour blog, Mommy See.

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