Learning With Legos

fire engine legoBetween Christmas, prizes for pooping in the potty and his birthday, Will has been accumulating several sets of Legos over the last few months. He has been excited about building them.

At first I would work on them while he sat nearby for a bit. Then we realized that he was actually pretty good at putting them together. And we are talking about the big boy Legos, not the Duplo ones. He can’t do them totally on his own but he only needs a little help.

While we were working on his birthday presents I realized how good Legos can be at developing various skills for a preschooler. Stay with me, I think I am on to something.

  • Spatial awareness – They have to see how the pieces translate from a flat picture to three dimensions.
  • Colors and shapes – Pieces are identified by their shape and color.
  • Attention to detail – Some pieces are only subtly different.
  • Following directions – Lego directions are easy for kids to follow.
  • Learning to read numbers – Each step is numbered and numbers indicate when you need to use more than one piece.
  • Fine motor skills – Many of the pieces are small and need to be placed in exact positions.

The next time you see a child put together a Lego, watch them use all these skills and more.

Will fire engine lego

This was also published on my Girl Power Hour blog, Mommy See.

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