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Make Me Breakfast

Jack cookingA few weeks ago I got tired of the complaints about how I made breakfast for Jack. The options weren’t suitable or I didn’t make things the right way. I had enough.

I knew Jack could pull together his own basic breakfast, because he had done so a few months before for a Cub Scout achievement. So we have a new rule — you make your own breakfast on weekday mornings. I still make their smoothies, but for everything else he is responsible.

It has actually worked out well. Will now likes to help make his too. He can peel his own orange and help pour the cereal. Jack does a good job with his own breakfast, making cereal, English muffins or toaster waffles and getting his yogurt.

Jack did ask me once how long he was going to have to make his own breakfast. He didn’t like my answer – for the rest of his life.

Having them help make their breakfasts also gives them an appreciation for how much work it is each day to prepare the meals.

Do your kids make their own breakfast?

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