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Office 365 for Small Business

I have been using Office 365 for almost two years for my small business. It has been a great service for me at a reasonable price and very little downtime.

Before using Office 365, I had researched options to get my email, calendar and contacts onto an Exchange server, which would eliminate sync problems I was having between devices. Most services were double the price of Office 365 for just the Exchange portion and didn’t include the other services they provide.

Included with my Office 365 service is SharePoint access and website hosting. I recently moved our website over to Office 365 too. They have a few different templates to choose from and a pretty easy design interface. It works for our site, but if you need something more custom or have specific features it may not work for you.


Using an Exchange server has been more than worth the money for me. I am able to have my email, calendar, contacts and other elements of Outlook synced across my phone, iPad and laptops in real-time. Before this I would have to use a kluged system of POP3 for email, Google sync for calendar and periodic manual syncing for contacts. Things were never completely coordinated. Now I have access across multiple devices seamlessly and even have access through the web via the Office 365 portal.

The main drawback of Office 365 for Small Business is that you pay per user. However for me I only have two registered users, Jim and I, so it is still cheaper than using Exchange through another host. If you have more users than that it could become more expensive, but you get more services too.

If you own a small business and are looking for a way to get on an Exchange server and access the other Office tools, Office 365 is a great way to go.

What tools do you use for your small business?


I was not compensated in any way for this post by Microsoft or Office 365. These are just my opinions.

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