Breathing Space

WP_20130509_008.jpgWe have been blessed with a beautiful stretch of weather for spring time in the Pacific Northwest. After a long wet winter of being trapped indoors it has been nice to get out and dry out our webbed feet.

In our school district the kids get out early on Wednesday so the teachers can have planning time, meetings and conduct other administrative activities. We are lucky to live in a neighborhood that has a big bus stop with lots of kids who like to play together. Most days Jack and Will beg to play with everyone after the bus. With sports and other activities, some weeks we aren’t able to play after the bus, except for Wednesdays.

The last four Wednesdays have been nice and sunny, some warmer than others, so the kids have spent them outside creating fun games. The moms have a “play date” too, sitting, chatting and soaking up some Vitamin D. Last year I felt like I needed to come home every Wednesday and work in the afternoon, but recently I needed the camaraderie and relaxation time to refresh my brain. I have plenty of work to do at home, but sometimes you just need a break and a glass of iced tea.

Our last six weeks has been filled with so much change – Jim’s job, losing Mulligan, juggling new work projects and more — that any break is found and cherished time. I have also really come to value my friends in the neighborhood. We talk about most anything, from school politics and teachers to what Julie has been watching on Court TV.

We all need our breathing space, chance to refresh our batteries and our brains and talk about silly things like People Magazine and TMZ.

What do you do to refresh your brain and create a breathing space for yourself?

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