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Being the Dreamer

Jim and IIn our house I am the dreamer, the one that chases after ideas and hopes. I know that someday a few of them will actually succeed and turn into a business or at least an income-generator.

Being raised by parents who both owned their own businesses I have this entrepreneurial spirit in me. Since I quit my job to stay home with Jack I have hoped that I would be able to create a business of my own that will allow me the flexibility to work out of the house, be at the bus stop in the morning and afternoon and volunteer at school. Right now I have more ideas and irons in the fire than I can recall.

Jim and I have balance in our roles in our relationship. I am the dreamer that follows opportunities. Jim is the realist and supports my endeavors while challenging their viability as rationale business pursuits. This is not to say that I jump into something without thinking it through. But I believe that if you don’t take some chances you will never find the big opportunity.

I hope that I am able to show my boys that if you have a dream and work hard enough you will be successful. It may not be in what you expect but if you are flexible and keep your eyes open, you never know when something will present itself.

My friend Laura has followed one of her dreams and published a book she wrote. I got the pleasure of being one of her editors. It is a very sweet book; she wrote about being at the ocean with her boys. She took all the photos in the book and turned them into the illustrations as well. You and Me By the Sea is available at Amazon.

Laura's book

I hope that you too follow your dreams. Do you have any you would like to share?

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  1. I never thought I would start my own business. A dream and the excitement to follow it- possibilities are open for those that see them!

  2. Dad says:

    Good looking couple!

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