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One Year In – Potty Training Update

will rewardWe have made it to the year mark on our adventure in potty training Will. Luckily we are doing much better than we were a year ago, but it is still a daily process for us.

Over the last few months Will has been doing pretty well. He will still have an accident now and then, but most of the time everything ends up where it should be. We are still doing the rewards for him, both for when he has a clean day and when he gets on the potty himself. After he collects three clean day stickers he gets to pick from the prize box.

Will still struggles with getting to the potty when we are away from the house. To help motivate him he gets two candies when he goes away from the house. On our camping trip over Memorial Day he did great and didn’t have any accidents.

He will continue to be on his medications for constipation for the foreseeable future. I think it is something that he will have to manage for most of his life. It is important that he be on the meds for now to keep his withholding or posturing behaviors from returning.

I hope that we have turned the corner and he will continue to go poop in the potty.

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