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Guest Post: Beach Mommy

We are out on our two week camping road trip, enjoying the summer sun in the Utah, Arizona, Colorado and New Mexico. I have lined up some fun guest posts for you all.

Laura is a dear friend who I have enjoyed getting to know better this year, through Cub Scouts. She is one of the most creative people I know, not only does she paint and make art with drift wood and shells, but she has also written a book. I aspire to be as good of a mom as she is.


boys with mom at beach“Hey Mom, can we go to the pool?”

“Can I ride my bike down the big hill – by myself?”
~Go for it!

“Mom, can we get chips at the market?”
~Of course!

“Can we stay up an extra hour and make s’mores?”
~Great idea – yes!

A few months ago on a weekend escape to our family beach cottage my 8 year turned to me and said, “I love Beach Mommy!”  “Beach mommy”?  As opposed to your everyday At-home mommy?  At-home mommy who frantically keeps track of the schedules, routines and family events?  At-home mommy who says “no” to one more show, “no” to dessert after both lunch and dinner, and “no” to just about anything that doesn’t fit into our scheduled calendar of events?  Beach Mommy…hmm…

I get where my son is coming from.  Beach Mommy is relaxed and at ease.  Beach Mommy leaves behind the homework charts, grocery lists, baseball practices, laundry piles and To-Do lists.  Beach Mommy’s car is not the shuttle that darts between Target, the dry cleaners, karate class and swim lessons.  In fact our car sits for days at the beach.  Beach Mommy’s iron doesn’t make an appearance and Beach Mommy insists on wearing flip flops every day.  Simply put, Beach Mommy has nowhere to be and no one to schedule.  Beach Mommy lives in the moment without anticipation or planning.  Most of all, Beach Mommy says “yes” more than “no”.  I realized that I love Beach Mommy too.

Since that weekend at the beach I have tried to introduce Beach Mommy to At-home Mommy on occasion.  We still move at a faster pace at home between sports, work and school schedules.  But I try to say “yes” as much as possible.  Of course there are times that staying up an hour later or having an extra juice box are reasons for “no”.  But Beach Mommy makes me pause and listen before jumping to “no”.

Whether at home or at our cottage this summer I hope to be Beach Mommy as much as possible.  Summer should be about lazy days, exploring with friends, extra ice pops and impromptu sleepovers in the tent.  I hope to balance the scheduled camps and family get-aways with living in the moment a bit more.  I hope to say “yes” as much as possible and enjoy Beach Mommy – just as much as my kids do.

Laura Senenko is a busy At-home Mom who likes to escape to the Washington coast with her family to be Beach Mommy.  She recently published a children’s book – You and Me By the Sea – inspired by the beach community of Seabrook where they vacation as a family.  Check it out on

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