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On My Own (Well Almost)

Islay gardeningThis past weekend Jim and the boys went to Daddy Camp, a camping weekend of just dads and kids. I was on my own at home. Well, technically I was on puppy duty. Last year Will didn’t go, so this was my first year all alone. Sort of.

I realized that Friday night was the first night I slept alone in our house since Jack was born and it felt very strange. Although I like time by myself there is something comforting about having someone else in the house, even if that person is four years old.

However, I wasn’t truly alone, so there was no sleeping in or staying up too late (puppy duty, remember?). But it was nice to have a bit more freedom. I had hoped to get a few projects done — work and fun — but I wasn’t that productive. Most of Saturday was spent at a Swissy (Greater Swiss Mountain Dog) event, where Islay had a ball and came home very tired. The event was a gathering of Northwest Swissy owners and their dogs in which owners can meet and catch up with other dog owners and their puppies (Islay got to see two of her sisters and meet her Grandma). Friday and Sunday I did get a few things accomplished, including some gardening which Islay “helped” with.

It felt like a milestone weekend and I realized how big the boys are getting. Will isn’t a baby anymore and is now consistently acting like a bigger kid. I know this in my head, but don’t fully realize it until situations like this.

I am looking forward to next year when Islay will get to go to Daddy Camp too and I will truly be on my own. How productive will I be in this setting? Time will tell.

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