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Discovering Odd Birthmarks

Some kids are born with obvious birthmarks, but my two did not. I actually thought they may not have traditional birthmarks, but now I have found them.

Jack has a darker pigmented spot below his right eye. When I first saw it I thought it was due to having the NG tube on his face when he was a baby. Now I think it is his birthmark. It becomes more prominent when he is out in the sun during the summer and tends to fade in the winter. It isn’t really obvious, but enough that if you look at him you can spot it.

Jack birthmark

Will’s was hard to find and I only found it this summer when a friend pointed it out. Will has a patch of hair on the back of his head that doesn’t fade in the summer. Up to this summer he wore a hat most of the time, so his hair didn’t lighten up too much, but this summer they swam so much on our trip their hair got much blonder. This one patch of hair on Will’s head hasn’t changed color at all and now it is noticeable.

At first I thought it was just dirty, but nope it is a darker patch that hasn’t lightened. Allison thinks it looks like a smile, maybe a lopsided smile. I figure that must be his birthmark. I wonder if we can dye it?

Will birthmark

Did you find your kid’s birthmarks right away or not until years later?

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