Four on the Floor

Will big bedAll of the bedrooms in our house are in a transition and because of that we are all sleeping on the floor. Well on mattresses on the floor.

It all started with Will needing a big boy bed. He has been sleeping in his crib as a day bed for over a year as we considered options on what to do next with his room. On our big camping trip earlier this summer, we had hours in the truck together to discuss/debate/deliberate on numerous topics. During this time, we came up with a plan — bunk beds in both of the boys’ rooms. Our house is about 1 guest room short so hosting visitors with kids can be a challenge.

Will is getting an extra-long twin over a queen bunk bed (L-shaped) and Jack is getting a twin over full with a twin trundle. Yes, that does mean Jack is losing his Transformers bed (it was such a pain to make), but he gets half of whatever we sell it for. We are going from three beds in our house to six…sleep over anyone? For Will’s mattress we are passing down our queen mattress and have decided to upgrade to a king. This requires us to not only get a new bed frame but also rearrange our furniture.

Everyone is excited about their new set-up — Will in his new BIG bed, Jack with his new desk and beds and Jim and I with larger sleeping space. For now, though, we are all on the floor until the new frames arrive. Islay loves this because she can easily climb up and give everyone morning kisses (or bites). So our house is a bit in transition right now, but soon we will all be sleeping in luxury.

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