Islay, Photo Friday

Photo Friday

Photo Friday – Islay’s 1st Camping Trip

Islay Seaquest

Islay Seaquest

Last weekend we went on our final camping trip of the season, which also happened to be Islay’s first camping trip. For all the others she was too little and didn’t have all of her shots. She was a great camping dog, slept well in the trailer, stuck around the campsite, loved going on walks in the campground and came home very tired. The photo of her sitting on the mat was my view when I would be working inside the trailer and look out the door. This is only the first of many trips for her.

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  1. Paul Charkiewicz says:

    I need me some puppy time! How many camping trips have you gone on this year? Seems like a good handful but I may not have heard about some of them.

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