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Razr MI have had a Windows Phone for the last two years and was pretty happy with my experience until I upgraded to the HTC 8x in February. Since then I have been so fed up that I’m now a reluctant owner of a Motorola Droid Razr M.

My problems started about a month after I got the HTC 8x, which is a Windows 8 Phone. My email would not sync. I am on a Microsoft Exchange Server for email (not a kluged together solution like others are forced to do), the same as corporations, which I have through our subscription to Office 365. So it should sync and email should work. At first, the problem would only happen every few days, but as time wore on it became a problem during most days. Sometimes turning the phone on and off would fix it, but not always. I also started to have texting and volume issues as well.

After doing a couple of resets to the phone, Verizon did a warranty replacement of the phone, sending me a new HTC 8x. The new phone worked for one day and then the same problems returned. I called Verizon customer service and they offered to replace the phone with a Motorola Droid Razr M as a courtesy to me for being a long-time customer.

Jim and I had been talking about trying an Android since Microsoft announced an Xbox music app for iOS and Android. Although you can’t download music yet through the new app, it seemed like it might be good enough. Since we get our music through the Xbox music subscription service it was one of the main reasons we were sticking with Windows phones.

I have had the new phone for just over a week and so far I am pretty happy. It is nice to have all of the apps in the Google Play store, including Instagram that I couldn’t use on the Windows phone. Since I have worked on the boys’ Nexus 7’s I am somewhat familiar with the user interface. My biggest complaint so far is that the standard background for menus, settings and texting is black with white text, which is difficult to read in the sun. I can’t figure out how to change it.

Since I am now a Droid user for the next 18 months or so, let me know if you have any app suggestions or ideas on how to change the background. And if you have any information regarding when the Xbox Music app for Android will add the ability to download music for offline listening, that would be much appreciated as well.

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