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Friends Anywhere

playing with friendsOne of my favorite things about my boys is their ability to make friends anywhere. It is a trait that they both possess. If anything, Will is more outgoing, walking up to anyone and talking to them. He may not remember their name, but he has fun.

When Jack was little we went on a camping trip with just our family. In the site next to ours was a little boy about his age. Minutes after they arrived Jack walked over and started talking to the boy, becoming fast friends. They played together for the rest of the weekend and we hung out with the parents at the campfire.

I love this self-assured quality that they both possess. Many kids wouldn’t walk up to someone they don’t know or a group of kids they don’t know and ask to play with them. It will serve them well later in life when they need to walk into situations where they don’t know anyone. Underlying these traits are morals like respect and courtesy that we hope permeates all of these experiences and helps to make them more meaningful.

Over the weekend we visited a friend on Bainbridge Island. She has a daughter Jack’s age who is an only child and lost her father a few years ago. She and Jack met when they were babies but couldn’t remember. The kids played together so nicely all day. The little girl started out a bit shy, but the boys helped reassure her that they were friendly.

It is really comforting as a parent to know that you can bring your kids into new houses with new people and they will adapt to the situation and embrace it.

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  1. Jim DeNike says:

    I am biased but this is a quality that is arguably as important as any to instill in children. With all of the emphasis on being the best in sports, school, etc. it is nice to see them working hard on being the best kids they can be.

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