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Celebrating 500–Guest Post By Jim

jimandi michelles weddingThis is an article from Jim DeNike, my partner in life, business, parenting and all things family. He is a communications professional working in the biotechnology industry and insisted that he write a guest post this week. So here it is.

This week marked a significant milestone for my wife, Sarah, author and founder of The Will to See – her 500th post. And I couldn’t be more proud of her and what she has accomplished.

While the blog has evolved and transformed over the years, her vision was clear from the start – provide an outlet and a resource for issues affecting our family that, in turn, could provide perspective and guidance to others.

Sarah didn’t become a social media expert, advocate and writer overnight. Only after thousands of hours of research, a lot of creative thought, and endless amounts of unwavering passion was she able to reach this milestone. She did so by forcing herself to step well outside her comfort zone, only to realize it is a place where she always belonged.

The result is place where moms, parents, patients, geeks, dogs and many others can come to relate, learn and find comfort knowing that someone is advocating for them. The result is an informed resource on vision and GI issues. The result is, at times, heart-breaking or comical or enlightening. But the result is always Sarah.

The result is The Will to See.

Congratulations, Sarah. Here’s to your next 500.

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  1. Sarah DeNike says:

    Thank you Jim for all your love and support. You balance me out and allow me to dream big.

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