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True Confessions–Technology Junky

technologyRight here today I will come clean; I am a technology junky. There Jim, I admitted it for the entire world to see.

It may have always been hidden down deep, but it started to surface a few years ago when I was spending time with my brother-in-law Paul. He is a computer engineer and is always up on the latest and greatest gadgets and solutions. He has helped me research technology purchases and provides a sounding board when I have questions. My parents also rely on Paul and me to help them.

Our house is full of technology, here is a partial list.

  • Three computers – two laptops and a new all-in-one (complete review coming)
  • Four tablets – an iPad, a Surface RT and two Nexus 7s
  • Three smartphones (two in use) – Jim’s HTC Trophy, Motorola Droid Razr M and as of last week my HTC Droid DNA
  • External storage – Buffalo Terastation that we have had for eight years
  • Wireless router and two wireless boosters

In the spring I created an infographic about our household Internet map.

Each time I get to research a new device and actually bring it home I am so excited. It is fun for me to learn the new things it will do. Jim actually said to me the other day that I need to learn my Andoid phone so that I can teach him when he gets his new phone. See, it isn’t just all about me; I am helping others too. I am going to keep saying that to myself until I actually believe it.

There is nothing more frustrating to me then to have my technology stop working or fail me, but on the flip side — new toys are so fun to play with.

Do you have a confession?

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