“Going to Work” Shirt

going to work shirtWill has started picking out his clothes for school this year and every school day he picks out a “going to work” shirt. Work shirts can be either a button up or a polo, but no matter what they have buttons and a collar.

I think it started because Jim wears button up shirts to work most days and when we have gone to visit him I have dressed the boys up a bit. Although, Will came up with the name on his own.

The night before the first day of school this year Will said “Mama, I need to wear a ‘going to work’ shirt.” Great, I love my boys dressed up. He now picks “work” pants too. Given his new-found fashion sense, we now need to go get him a few more work shirts so he has more to choose from.

Once Jack started picking out his clothes he stopped wearing any shirts with a collar. He is very particular about how his shirts feel (he gets that from Jim) — we have to cut out tags, make sure they are super soft, and forget about buttons. For the holidays I give him the option of a button up shirt or turtle neck with his Christmas vest. Even though he gets to choose his shirt it is still a struggle to get him to wear them; last year his turtleneck was softer than some of his other shirts.

It is really fun that Will likes to wear his collared shirts and everyone at school loves that he calls them his “going to work” shirts. Each morning the teachers compliment him on his shirt.

Last week while Jack was finishing breakfast we had this conversation.

Jack – “Mom, why is everyone dressed up but me,” as he sat in his t-shirt and shorts

Me – “Well, we all like to look nice. Will loves wearing his ‘going to work’ shirts. You can choose to wear nice shirts too.”

Jack – “Maybe someday I will.”

I know Will is probably going to decide someday that wearing “going to work” shirts isn’t very fun, but until then I will cherish every moment and every outfit.

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