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Jack travel journalOne way to help kids practice their writing skills is to have them keep a journal on any vacations you take. It can also be a great way for them to be more engaged with where you are and why you are visiting.

On our big summer road trip, Jack kept a journal every day. He would write about the previous day while we were driving to our next location and most of the time he drew a picture to go with the entry. Some days it was like pulling teeth to get him to write, but in the end I think he enjoyed having it to look back on.

When we got home he re-copied the entries and then I put them into a book for him. I scanned all of his writing and drawings, added photos from each day and then had it printed. He was so happy when I gave it to him and it will be a wonderful way for him to remember our trip. I plan to do something like this for the boys on most of our big trips. Any time they invest lots of time keeping a journal for a vacation I will be happy to turn it into a book for them.

jacks book

This is something you can do for any journal project your children complete. I think it makes them feel more accomplished to see their work in a bound book and will make them happier to work on it next time.

There are many photo book/digital scrapbook companies on the web. I happened to use Mixbook, because I use them for all of our family scrapbooks.

Have any of your kids kept a travel journal before? Have you put it together in a bound book for them?


Disclaimer: I am a Mixbook affiliate, but have not been solicited by Mixbook to write this post. All of the opinions expressed here are mine. If you are interested in tryingMixbook, please use my affiliate link.

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