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Islay’s Favorite Words

Islay stairsIn honor of this week’s Monday Listicles theme, favorite words, I thought I would put together Islay’s list of favorite words and then the counter list of the words I say most to her.

We are working hard on training and she tries really hard, but there are times the seven month old puppy brain takes over.
Islay’s Favorite Words
1. Breakfast/Dinner
2. Cookie
3. Walk
4. Chewy
5. Fluffy (her toys)
6. Good
7. Bus stop
8. Get in the car
9. Wait
10. Touch
These are the words I say the most to her
1. No
2. Good
3. Leave it
4. No bite
5. Keep off
6. Trade (for something other than my shoe)
7. Wait
8. Touch
9. Cookie
10. Walk
What are your favorite words right now?

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