Oh, My Heck

Days to Christmas.jpgI am feeling crazed like I am sure most of you are with Christmas week right around the corner. My friend Jenni loves to use the phrase “Oh, my heck” as a way of accentuating her stress. So in honor of Jenni here are my “Oh, my heck” stresses right now.

  • There are only 27 days between Thanksgiving and Christmas this year, not even four full weeks. So much to do.
  • Today is Will’s last full day of preschool, so it’s the last day I have to get any errands done without him.
  • Family starts arriving on Friday. Yay, but lots to do still.
  • Moving our elf every night. Who came up with this “fun” Idea? I forgot one night and Jack accused Will of touching the elf which removes his powers.
  • Making sure no one slips up about Santa and stockings since Jack still really believes.
  • Keeping Islay off of the counters and out of the tree.
  • Working with Invisible Fence to fix the above, but it has required two trips to Mercer Island, many phone calls and an in-home visit, so far…
  • Hiding all the gifts that are arriving each day.
  • I haven’t even started the holiday baking yet.
  • The movie theater will not call me back about Jim’s birthday “Anchorman” movie gathering.

Hopefully this week will go smoothly and I can all the things done I want to before everyone gets here. I want to be able to enjoy the time with friends and family.

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