Christmas Jammies

2012 Christmas jammies.jpgOne of my favorite Christmas traditions from my childhood that we have carried on with our kids is Christmas jammies.

On Christmas Eve, Santa brings the boys special jammies. They arrive while we are eating dinner and are signaled with a jingle of bells. The boys go check the stairs and find the matching jammies. They are so excited to get in them and then they are ready for bed. All that is left is to put out the milk and cookies for Santa.

When I was a child we had the same tradition, no matter where we were Santa would find us and bring our jammies. My aunt came up with this idea as an easy way to get all the kids ready for bed without a fight. Brilliant.

Jack will wonder aloud about what kind of jammies Santa will bring each year. It is so sweet to see his happiness and wonder. He is a true believer and there is no skepticism in him. Pure innocence.

My sister and I have been able to find matching jammies for all of the boys for the last few years. It is so cute to see them all dressed the same on Christmas Eve and Christmas morning. One year not too long ago Santa brought the adults jammies too (not matching).

I wonder what this year’s jammies will look like.

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  1. What an awesome picture! Haven’t seen it before. Seems so long ago!

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