post christmas garage.jpgThe next four days are about recovery for me after a great holiday with lots of family in town. We have had a busy few weeks and now it is time to get back to reality.

I will be recovering…

  • My house from Christmas, between decorations, presents and visitors our house is a bit cluttered.
  • My body from night after night of rich food and drinks.
  • My schedule from two weeks of visitors and the boys being out of school.
  • My office from being a bedroom and workspace for others.
  • My brain from not thinking about work while family was in town. I am all mixed up on what day of the week it is.
  • My sleep from late nights, early mornings and many thoughts running through my brain.

My goal by the end of the weekend is to feel like we have returned to normal, just in time for school to start again and work to ramp up.

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