One Photo: Motherhood

Several weeks ago a blogger friend of mine, Katie Kavulla from Being 5, sent out a request for a single photo that represents your day as a mom. She added that it shouldn’t be the most glamorous photo staged to show what we think represent motherhood, but are reality.

It is really hard to sum up your day/life in one photo, until Will walked into my office looking like this…

Will shacket.jpg

He is wearing a shacket, shirt turned into a jacket. Jack and Will came up with the shacket one night while getting ready for showers. Every so often while I am working in my office Will comes through the door wearing something odd, singing something funny or holding something strange. I could have used this photo too, of the dog bowl hat he made earlier that same day. What a ham!

Will hat.jpg

Katie turned our photos into a post for AllParenting. It is a fun way to see what the life of a mother looks like through each person’s eyes.

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