Jackson, SEE

SEE: Jackson

Jack playground.jpgIn honor of Jack’s birthday, here is a “glimpse” of Jackson Edward.

J – jokes. He loves to tell jokes so much that the Easter bunny brought him joke books last year.

A – action. He is always moving or doing something.

C – cuddles. He will still crawl in bed with us or hold my hand when we are walking together.

K – kind-hearted. He is the sweetest boy I know and cares more how others feel than himself.

S – speed. Jack can run crazy fast. It’s his secret power.

O – open. What you see is what you get with him.

N – nosey. He seems to always be listening, even when he shouldn’t be.

This is part of my series called “SEE.” It is inspired by our name, The Will to See, and seeing aspects of the world through your eyes. I will periodically write SEE posts (it could be about someone, something or some idea) and I may even invite others to write guest SEE posts.

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  1. Steve Harrison says:

    Jack is such a great kid! Cannot wait to celebrate his BDAY with you guys

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