Ten Random Things

Sarah fuzzy scarf.jpgAbout a year ago I put together one of these posts as a guest post for a blogger friend. I thought it would be fun to do another one.

  1. I am loving Instagram. I only started using it in September when I moved to an Android phone. I am actually doing a Project 365 (one photo a day for a year) on Instagram. You can follow me @thewilltosee or search on #TWTSproject365.
  2. Starbucks new Caramel Flan latte is a nice transition post-holidays. Not quite one of the holiday flavors, but good. Maybe it will grow on me with more tries.
  3. We got a new router last week. The Geek Squad suggested going with an Apple Airport Extreme (yes, just as I am trying to rid our house of Apple products we get another). Our wireless had gone into and down the toilet over the last few months and hopefully it is now solved. We are getting a strong signal in most places in the house.
  4. We pulled off an epic surprise for Jack’s birthday party on Saturday. He thought he was having a simple Minecraft party to be played on our Xboxes with a few friends. Instead Jim found a video game truck that had four huge TVs, miles of couches and every possible console and game. He was so surprised and so were his friends.
  5. This week I am in an uncomfortable situation with the NFC playoffs. Having lived in Seattle since the 1990s, Seattle is home and we are die-hard Seahawks fans — Jim and I were even season ticket holders for a few years during the darker years. But I was raised a 49er fan and our California-based family are 49er fans. Unfortunately both teams can’t win, so I hope the Seahawks come out on top, without too much trash talk.
  6. One of my favorite parts about Islay is her tail. It is very long and expressive, almost like a cat’s tail. I have to admit that I didn’t know that going in. She can really curl it almost into a corkscrew or tuck it neatly around her feet when she is laying down.
  7. I am having fun with my new Cricut die cut machine. I made a Seahawks banner last week and can’t wait to work on some other projects. So fun!
  8. I have started a new part time job doing some technical writing. It is nice to be working and feeling productive. The learning curve is a bit scary, but luckily I have supportive partners. It is going to be a busy few months.
  9. Next week Will doesn’t have school all week for conferences. I am not sure what I am going to do with him all week while I try to work. Hello digital babysitter.
  10. We finally got to see Catching Fire last weekend. It was so good. I can hardly wait for the next movie and wish I could go watch that one again.

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